The style was to follow Tamara de Lempicka on Tuesday. 3 five minutes and 3 ten.

IMG 7368

IMG 7369

IMG 7370

Then two 25 minute poses which I should have spent more time thinking about rather than rushing into the drawing which was finished early in the pose.

IMG 7371

IMG 7372

The poses were supposed to be based on Gauguin paintings on Monday but first some five minute drawings.

IMG 7359  IMG 7360

Then the paintings. First 2 hours in Acrylic

IMG 7361

Then just under 2 hours in water soluble pencils.

IMG 7364


Drop-in session at a new site: Bordon. About 50 minutes to get there so may not be going too often.

First some five minutes.

IMG 7044 IMG 7045

Then a twenty minute pose:

IMG 7043


Finally thress 45 minute coloured pencil drawings.

IMG 7041


IMG 7040

IMG 7042

We were drawing based on poses from Seurat's conte drawings. Although I didn't copy the technique directly I did try to concentrate on light and tonal values rather than line. First three are 20 minutes each.


IMG 7333

IMG 7336 

IMG 7335


Last pose 40 minutes


IMG 7337