Short poses today were outside until the sun went in plus we had two models. Four 5 minute and four 10 minutes.

IMG 8039  IMG 8040  IMG 8041


Then inside, about 80 minutes. Started off too light with the shadows and rushed at the end to fit in some contrast.



IMG 8042

Finally about 2 hours.

IMG 8043


Having read of a ready made paint mixture, Moonglow by Daniel Smith, that separated into purples and greens I decided to try to mix it myself. Colours used were French Ultramarine Blue, Viridian and a Permanent Alizarin hue. Just messing around really though it would be nice to be able to include this as part of a structured work.


IMG 7990  IMG 7992  IMG 7991  

A full day of drawing and painting. First some quick poses: two 5 minute and two 10 minute poses.

IMG 7973  IMG 7972

Then 2 hours on a watercolour

IMG 7974

And finally a 90 minute coloured pencil drawing.

IMG 7971

Keeping it simple on Tuesday. Two five minutes, two tens and a fifteen minute pose (the seated rear view).


IMG 7859 IMG 7857

IMG 7856


Long pose about 40 minutes.

IMG 7860